Taurus 1911 - Antique Ivory PB Phenolic  - Tactical Fluted
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Bottom of Grip:  Mag Release / Thumb Relief Cut:  Mainspring Housing Pin: 
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Taurus Tactical Fluted Grips

These grips have five vertical flutes with fine horizontal grooves machined into the grips. Phenolic laminate is a tough material that is made from layers of canvas, linen or paper and phenolic resin.

These grips are built with a typical 1911 thickness that fully fits the hand without being overly thick. Grip thickness runs between .255" and .265" thick at the center of the grip.

Please note that we do not stock these grip options due to the numerous variations and will need to build the grips to fill your order. Check the "Availability" information above to determine the approximate time to get your grips built and shipped.

These are production grips so the grips you receive will not be the individual pair shown in the photo. Our photos represent the type and general character of the material but due to variances in the material colors and layer thicknesses, the visual appearance of the grips may be different. Also note that colors shown of computer monitors can vary greatly, affecting the representative colors.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A. by RAASCO Grips