Round Butt 1911
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RAASCO Grips is building grips for the guns with the rounded mainspring housing and frame.

This includes guns like the Kimber Super Carry line, Sig Sauer Round Butt guns and Smith & Wesson Round Butt line. These grips feature a covered mainspring pin with a recess on the back to clear the domed head of the drift pin.

Selection of ambidextrous safety cut is required. Note that Kimber and Sig Sauer guns with ambidextrous safety do NOT need the ambidextrous safety cut. Smith & Wesson guns with ambi safety will need the ambi cut. See our section Do I need an Ambi Cut? for more information on the ambi cut.

Order by selecting the Round Butt Frame under the Select Model option on the grips shown on the 1911 Grips - Dymondwood, 1911 Tactical Fluted Grips, 1911 Grips - Phenolic Laminates, and 1911 Slim Grips pages of our website.